Saturday, 24 October 2009

Pheasanty fings..

On my walk yesterday, my friends dog Jez killed a pheasant when she shot out from the undergrowth. He killed her outright thankfully but then just left her. Gill and I dithered about what to do..neither of us really wanting to touch it (especially as I'm vegan) but then seeing as though I am toying with the idea of breeding chickens for Shilah's food, I picked it up and bought it home.

I hung it up out the way while I ate my dinner, and Shilah seemed more than a bit interested..


Then came the not so pleasant task of plucking. I have never done this before and it wasn't all that nice, I have to say.


Now years ago, I remember offering pheasant to Coin and Starsky and neither of them would touch it. So although Shilah looked keen, I thought I better check before I bothered to de feather the whole bird. So I offered him a few pieces..

There they are on the floor..and yes..that's him walking away

No amount of coaxing would get him to eat it, and I gave up. It seems that really he just wanted to play with the bird. I think he possibly thought it was a new more improved version of his current pheasant toy..

Photobucket foray into the whole handling a dead animal and plucking it didn't get all that far. So the jury is still out on what Shilah will be eating when we get to Italy.


  1. Hi
    Just made you my blog of the week, an award for you to copy over on my blog.

  2. Most dogs don't like pheasant, it is too strong smelling for them, but chicken should be fine it is very bland. That's why gun dogs don't run off with the birds. By the way have you ever dispatched a chicken?

  3. Thanks Brett. :-)

    He likes chicken St Jude, but no, I have never killed one myself..



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