Friday, 2 October 2009

My Partner In Crime

This is Shilah, who will be setting off with me to pastures new.. He is a 13 month old German Shepherd, who I rescued 3 months ago.


He was found tied to a tree on a travellers site, weighing only 18kg (to give you an idea..he is 34 kg now and still on the lean side). He was considered too high drive for a pet home and so was sent to work as a prison dog but after 2 weeks they didn't want him either and that's when he came to me. :-)

His passions in life include playing and more playing..with maybe some playing thrown in..


Can't wait to show him the land in Italy, after having been chained up for a lot of his life he is finally going to be able to run to his hearts content!

He also has a new hobby of tracking, this is where someone walks a path and then leaves him a reward at the end (his ball) and then he tracks the scent that the person has left and follows the trail. This is possibly one of his favourite things to do in the world (even more than playing). Might even try and train him to hunt truffles! haha

Shilah tracking..


He is a bit unsure of new dogs sometimes, so I am slightly nervous as my only neighbour has 2 dogs which I am sure will be coming into my land to say hello. They seem friendly enough to people so hope they are equally as friendly with dogs and will become Shilah's playmates.

The neighbours dogs looking cute..


Shilah has been through the PETS passport scheme (getting his rabies jabs and blood test etc) and we picked up his passport this week. I love the fact it has a space for his picture!!


He is all ready for the off...we just need a cabin building now!

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