Thursday, 12 August 2010

Back online - sort of!

Sorry to have not posted in so long, I was expecting to have internet by now but have been advised that this might take another 6 months (!) so have managed to get a dongle.

I did originally take pictures as we went along with everything but it seems like too much now to go through everything and it all seems to have happened so long ago!

So I thought in this post, I would just briefly recap the house saga and then show some pictures of the finished cabin and then over the next week or so I will post different pictures/stories from around the place.

Although I was told that the cabin would be finished by the end of May, it wasn't. When we arrived there were no doors, no windows and no floor! Eventually after many false starts I got some windows, but still no doors. It all dragged on a bit longer than expected but I did get a free veranda out of it by way of an apology. And the builder paid the fee on our rental home which was just as well as we ended up staying there for almost 6 weeks! Anyway, at last it was all done and here is the finished result. :-)

So this is the finished cabin from the outside.


The lounge





My bedroom (haven't bothered with spare room as it just has a wardrobe in, and some gardening stuff until I get a shed)


View from lounge window..


I will post some more tomorrow!

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