Sunday, 15 August 2010

It's a dogs life..

The dogs have settled in well and don't really seem to have noticed that they have moved country! Except from Kofi has found the joy of lizards, and loves to watch them, and leads are now a thing of the past as they are just free to go where they like all day long.

We spent most of the early weeks going to and fro between the cabin and the rental house and Shilah decided he hated the rental house and spent most of his time in the car or by the car waiting until we came back to the new house. Each time we turned off the tarmac road onto the dirt track to come up the mountain Shilah started barking and whining and spinning about in the car with excitement. Thankfully, now that he realises this is actually his home and he is here all the time, he has stopped doing it (or I would have had to buy ear plugs!)

Kofi has grown into his ears at long last and is becoming a very handsome young man (although I'm obviously biased). Both of them are a bit over zealous in guarding the house and property and so I am going to fence off the land that leads down to the track (as this is the route any people will come). They don't stray anywhere but they do race down the hill barking at anyone who might happen to be trying to come within a 100 mile radius of THEIR garden!

Just a few pictures of the dogs in their new place..

On one of their favourite walks..


Shilah on a hay bale in the garden


Kofi looking grown up


Shilah eating Kofi's ear (!)


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