Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Ready for the off...

Has been a busy few days here, saying goodbye to everyone and packing things up. We managed to get most of the stuff in my dads car but not all, but got all the important things in anyway!

My own little car is groaning under the weight of dog toys, both of the boys were a bit miffed to see all their toys being taken away and put under the boot.

Kofi tried his best to save a few but I kept putting them back..haha


So then Shilah solefully decided that even though he couldn't see his toys anymore he would lie on them and wait (think this is a misplaced sense of loyalty he has adopted after reading about Greyfriars Bobby, a dog who after his owner died, spent the rest of his days lying on his owners grave).


I won't have internet access straight away in Italy, so I will update as soon as I am back online (hopefully with some pictures of a finished house!)


  1. and.....

    i realise that you may no longer have internet connection but if you do - how's it going???

    we'd love to make it down there sometime to say hello and see how you're doing.

    hope you're having fun.

    later, gairy.

  2. Hi Gairy!

    Would love to see you guys! I have some kind of internet connection now (a dongle) so will try and update the blog tommorrow!



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