Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Money money money....

Finding a way to earn some money here has been difficult. One of the things that I am probably most experienced at and most comfortable with is looking after dogs, so the idea of a boarding kennels has always been at the back of my mind.

A few weeks ago, when I was at a neighbourhood meeting about our mountain road, the planning guy from the local comune (council) came up to me and said that he had heard that I wanted to build a kennels (I must have mentioned it to someone ages ago, who mentioned it to someone else and as is the way of the small places here, now everyone knows everything!) Anyway, he encouraged me to go and meet with him at the town hall.

My parents have also been out for a visit this week and so together we first went to the ASL animal place to find out about the regulations involved with kennels and then to the comune. Apart from some weird height restrictions (kennels must be at least 2.5 metres high?!) it all seems like it's possible.

My aim now is to source some kennel manufacturers and then find out about all the costs involved in setting up a business here (which might prove to be prohibitive as I have heard of some tax fees running into the thousands).

But if I can pull it off, then it will be fab to be able to run a small kennels. I can offer the dogs lots of personal attention, walks and be doing something I enjoy. Plus my own dogs won't get left at home all day while I go off to work. :-)

We have had some glorious weather the last few weeks, it has been almost summer like! The dogs have enjoyed being able to spend lots of time outside, especially playing on the agility equipment that grandad built them.





One word of caution for English drivers here. My parents took my car into Penne, and were given a fine of €80 for not having a GB sticker on the car! I have an old number plate which doesn't have the EU plate on so if there is anyone else in my position, get a GB sticker pronto!

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