Sunday, 30 January 2011

Another snowy update..

Have been meaning to update for a while and just never got round to it! Here I am at last...

We have had some lovely sunny warm weather since the last snow dollop and then last week we had a big snow storm and a LOT of snow! The dogs loved it, my phone lines didn't and collapsed under the weight of the snow, so I was without internet of phone for a week. Luckily my friend Terri has sent me a load of great books and DVD's so I was at least entertained! Telecom Italia kept phoning every day to see if my phone was working despite me telling them that the cable was lying in the snow. Not sure how they thought that was going to be rectified without their assistance, but they did eventually send someone!

So firstly a few piccies of the snow..

My cabin slowly getting buried..


The dogs up to their armpits..


Kofi wading through it..


Having some fun..


And a really pretty shot of Shilah


We were completely snowed in for several days and then my neighbours cleared a lot of the road with their tractor but not my drive (they did offer but it would also take a lot of the chalk with it so I declined). But my dog food delivery arrived last week and they were only able to deliver it part way so I had to tie it around myself and drag it up the rest of the way home!


Also last month was pig killing season ( :-( ) and sometimes in the morning the sound of screaming pigs could be heard and then every kitchen in the area (apart from mine) looked like this..


I don't think I could have something like that up in my kitchen because the dogs would just sit and stare at them all day!

Now for a couple of wolf stories....

Before the snow hit, we managed to get up to the mountain plains for a lovely picnic and came across a wolf kill with some wolf scat (poo) around it. Shilah (who is scared of wolves) was looking really uncomfortable about the whole thing and wanted to leave, but Kofi just saw FOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

This is Shilah saying 'ummm I think we should leave now, what if they come back for it?? Kofi...kets hurry up and get out of here'


And this was Kofi 'I'm scared of nothing' s reply



Finally just before xmas, I was walking along a track near the cabin when we saw a wolf up on the hill. Shilah saw it at the same time as me and panicked and ran behind me and Kofi was busy sniffing and hadn't yet seen it. I shouted out hoping to scare the wolf off before Kofi saw it but it didn't seem bothered by me so I told the dogs to sit and then told them to bark (wolf still unconcerned!!)so I had just decided that I would have to turn back when Kofi spotted it. He took off up the hill (with Shilah watching in HORROR) and with me calling and the wolf just stood there and watched him getting closer! At this point I was really worried because I thought if it's not going to run then what is it going to do? But thankfully, right at the last moment it took off into the trees and Kofi just came back disappointed that his new friend hadn't wanted to meet him!

And of course I didn't have a camera with me!!


  1. Fabulous shots. I watched a wolf walking through Piazza Duomo in L'Aquila in 2008



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