Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Selling up...

The kennels idea has sadly met with too much red tape to be viable and after much consideration I have decided to sell up here and move back to the UK.

It hasn't been that easy here on my own, and as nice as the locals are, I don't have very much in common with them. I shall eternally be known as the weirdo who has dogs in the house with her! haha

I am hoping to find a live in kennel job when I return to the UK.

But in the meantime, if anyone is looking to buy a beautiful holiday home (or knows anyone that does!) then please contact me.


  1. Hiya, so sorry your thinking you're going to have to come back to England. I'm working on coming to Abruzzo (found you on abruzzolutely). Just wondered how you've really found it as a single gal with dogs? That'll be me then!!! I'm 50, not that that should make any difference except I'm not out to find a man!! what a thought! but i already have the title of 'mad lady in the cottage on the corner with all the dogs'!!!! It could be worse I guess... I'd hoped to move out last year but it didn't quite work but I'm definitely still coming as soon as poss. Just waiting for some technicalities with my property here. I'd say I'd buy yours for you but I think I'd really like something bigger, although I could start there and then move - I'm thinking out loud here now.... anyway it'd be good to hear from you, take care and hugs to the doggies! Kazzie

  2. Kazzie, you could always rent mine for a bit if you like?? I also have open planning permission which means you can build an extra 40sqm onto my cabin. Give me an email if you are interested in chatting about any more possibilities..coinsky@googlemail.com :-)

  3. hi there. can you post pics of it? :) I might have an interested friend.

  4. Hi Ysabelle,

    If you would like to send me your email (at coinsky@googlemail.com)) can send you some pictures, otherwise if you scroll back through the blog there are lots of pictures of the cabin on here. Thanks..

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  6. I have only just discovered your blog. Moving to Italy was/is my dream too but it feels like it's taking forever to happen, some things are harder when you're not single. Good luck with your future - I have loved reading your blog tonight from start to finish like a book! Only it's not the 'finish' of course, just you going on to the next chapter. Buona fortuna!



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