Thursday, 4 March 2010


Hello all,

Haven't updated for a while because there hasn't really been any development. The land has been too wet to build on but have been told that they hope to start building Monday, so keeping fingers crossed!

Not much to do around here except play/train/walk dogs so I decided to make a house sign (for my non existent house- haha)

Rainbows are special to me so I chose to call the cabin 'Rainbow's End' Shilah and I went down to the woods and collected an piece of sawn off pine that had been discarded and after painting and varnishing, this is my new house sign. ta da!


I was still bored (it has rained a LOT here) so decided to also make a sign for my non existent chicken coop.. :-)


Kofi is growing up really fast and is already 22kg at 4 months! He has been a really good puppy and loves tracking and training (and anything to do with food!) Shilah is enjoying having a brother to play with and harass when he is bored!

Having a snooze


Two boys together..


Hopefully there will be some new updates next week with news that the building has begun! In the meantime we are enjoying some of the nice spring weather after all the rain!

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