Saturday, 20 November 2010

Happy things and sad things..

Sad things first. Fonzie the cockerel got eaten by something. :-(
I let all the chickens out one morning and then around 11am I went down to the chicken area and there were all his white feathers on the ground. The wolf/fox just came in daylight and got him. This means I couldn't let the chickens out any more.

Then a few days later we had a storm, roaring winds which lasted around 48hr. By the end of it the top of my chicken run and the roof beams had collapsed. The run needs to be built with stronger supports and set into concrete to withstand the wind here so with a heavy heart I decided to give my chickens to my neighbours. I miss having them around but I need to build them a better bigger run. Especially if I can no longer let them free range. Hopefully next year if I can afford it.

So now some happy things...

Chris bought me some lovely prayer flags (which you can read about here..


I have just hung out 2 for now because I'm not sure how they will stand up to the wind.

And the other nice thing this week is the amount of rainbows I have seen. Those with dogs probably know about this but there is a story that when our animal friends die they wait for us at a place called 'Rainbow Bridge' and so some believe that seeing a rainbow is a way of them connecting with Earth from Heaven. It certainly seems that whenever I have a bad day, I get a rainbow. And some days this week I have seen as many as 6 or 7 a day.

Here are just some of the different rainbows I have seem from my cabin...

Cloud rainbow (also known as sun dog)


Double Rainbow (second one is very faint but above the brighter one)


Looking DOWN on a rainbow


And this one taken a few days ago which I love especially as my cabin is called 'Rainbows End'



  1. Don't worry about how your prayer flags stand up to the wind -- that's the whole idea! The flags are supposed to fly through wind and rain until they disintegrate, carrying their prayers to heaven as they do so.

    Tibetan Buddhism is very big into the idea of the temporary nature of beauty; another meditation ritual is for monks to spend days or weeks painstakingly creating gigantic pictures from different-colored sand spread on the floor, fantastic multicolored portraits of the mansions of heaven -- and as soon as the picture is complete, they sweep up all the sand and obliterate all their own hard work.

    It's about letting go of the need for results, and focusing on the process.
    - - - - - - - -
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  2. Hi Jack. Thanks for the info, I do need to learn to be more like the monks and not worry if my prayer flags only last a week- haha. I know they are meant to go with the wind after a time, I was just worried that the time might only be 20 minutes and I really like to see them. :-) But so far they are looking a bit raggy but still there. I love them.

  3. Lovely Rainbow foties Fiona fatastic blog too .... I agree ..... as long as the prayer flags are kept flying it doesnt really matter how they look at the end !!



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