Friday, 5 November 2010

Birthday boy

Kofi turned ONE last week, I don't know where the time has gone as he still seems (and looks) like a puppy to me! :-)

Trying his grown up pose..


I decided to take the boys to the beach for Kofi's birthday as he has never seen the sea and Shilah loves it. Thought he might be a bit worried about the waves but fear is not in Kofi's vocabulary and he just dived straight in after Shilah.


The beach was actually a bit disappointing as it was built up with loads of cafe's and bars. I was hankering after a windswept beach in the middle of nowehere!

We also had the first snow last week on the mountains, it has partially melted now but they looked beautiful with snow on!! Can't wait for more!



  1. We're still reading away, following how you're getting on. The dogs look stunning - perfect life for them up there. Best of luck with the winter though - it looks like it'll be freezing...brrr

    Amy & Andy (in Umbria)

  2. Beautiful photo's, Thank you for sharing. Keep em coming...



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