Wednesday, 29 September 2010


When I first came to see the land there was no mention of wind....after I had signed the deal, my neighbours began talking about not just one wind but something called the 'seven winds'. I still haven't completely understood what this is, if its a scale of wind severity or if it's the directions a wind can come from. But to put it plainly it gets very very very windy here! It's not windy everyday but it can come out of nowhere, be very strong and then just disappear in a second.

Back in June my dad built me a picnic table. When the neighbours saw it they tutted and mentioned the wind. It's a wooden picnic table we thought....surely it will be ok?


All was well until one night at the end of August when the wind picked up, all my shutters blew free of their catches and started banging against the windows, if I opened my front door EVERYTHING blew off the walls. It was a long and noisy night with the wind roaring past the house. In the morning all was calm. And I opened my door to a lovely blue sky and a big gap where the table once stood. I found it smashed to bits in a nearby valley. Should have listened to the locals!

The worrying part is that the neighbours said that the wind was only a breeze compared to the wind that comes off the Gran Sasso in winter! Heeeellllllp!

Anyway, undeterred my dad made another table with much thicker planks and they bought it out with them (dismantled) from England! It is lovely and much heavier, and this time we concreted it down!!


The boys showing how sturdy the table is. :-)


In other news.....

It is hunting season here (boo!!) and although everywhere I walk is national park and so there is no hunting allowed, I thought it better to be safe than sorry with the boys. Especially as the locals think Kofi looks like a wolf! So now when we are out and about in the forest the boys wear their jackets.


We have also been busy fencing off the bottom end of my land, so that no hunters can come up my track and also the boys can't go off scaring anyone going past on their tractor.

Safely behind the new gate...


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